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If your goal is excellence then only train with the best.

Sommet et Neige offers you the opportunity to pursue your passion with us in the Swiss, Italian and Austrian Alps.

 Expert ski and Snowboard coaching led by:

 Jamie Kagan

Swiss Brevet Fédéral · ISIA card · IASI level 4

CSIA level 4 · BASI level 4 Tech and Teach · CANSI level 2

IASI Head of Education, IASI Interski Coach 2019

Phil Mills

BASI Snownboard level 4 ISTD · IASI Snowboard level 4 ISTD

Swiss Brevet Federal · IASI examiner & trainer · BASI level 2 ski

James Sinclair

BASI Snowboard level 4 ISTD · IASI Snowboard level 4 ISTD 

Swiss Brevet Federal · IASI examiner & trainer · BASI level 2 ski


Sommet et Neige offer ski and snowboard coaching and training for those that are looking for a more unique and focused experience. Our training is geared towards the Instructor looking to take their skiing and technical understanding to the next level or the passionate skier/rider looking to improve their technique.


Our ski coaching is run throughout the winter in Nendaz Switzerland, Cervinia Italy and the Zermatt, Saas Fee in Switzerland. Our training is designed to focus on a specific skiing/riding skills to help prepare Instructors towards their next exams or keen skiers to feel more comfortable in new terrain.


One on one coaching can also be arranged in Cervinia/Zermatt in the Autumn and Spring season and in Nendaz during the winter months.


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